A true partnership, delivering lower management overheads and increased agility.

Our services are designed to solve problems for you and your clients quickly and cost-effectively – so you can focus on your core business. Our solutions improve the efficiency of field processes and supply chain, reducing double handling and labour costs while increasing your agility, reach and technology capabilities.

You can choose for us to be your white label provider or named partner. Whatever your preference, as a 100% channel business we’ll never engage directly with your end clients (unless you ask us to).

Every year, we provide hundreds of thousands of installation and service events with absolute reliability and consistency. We thrive on how our approach, processes and solutions help our clients to win new business, improve profitability and enhance their reputations by making their lives easier and their clients’ businesses run smoothly, without interruption.

We guarantee project and service outcomes every time. Consider it done.

Project Management

For technology vendors, integrators and resellers, we can provide specialist project management on your behalf, with 24/7 availability across every component of the device lifecycle. Giving you confidence it will be done, we’ll free your time to focus on your clients and business.

Services include:
— Detailed scoping and planning
— Risk and financial management
— Communication management
— Control and execution of delivery
— Real-time escalation management


Our engineers will rise to any challenge, and are equipped to take on large scale technology installations in all parts of Australia – under deadline pressure and around the clock. We can adapt to plan variations, and with direct line of sight to each engineer, we can quickly escalate any issues.

Services include:
— Client and server computing
— Point of Sale and self-checkout
— Media panels
— Fixed and wireless networking devices
— Cabling

Service & Repairs

Your clients depend on your equipment to keep their business running – and you can depend on Best Technology Services to quickly take care of any issues. Our nationwide team of technicians provides cost-effective, scalable and responsive service solutions.

Services include:
— Same day or next day service
— Fully managed preventative maintenance
— ‘Smart Hands’ diagnostic support
— Dedicated engineer repair solutions

Pre-Deployment Configuration

Effective pre-deployment management helps you ensure new IT investments are more productive sooner for your clients. We partner with specialist providers to integrate configuration into any service or project solution, and deliver from staging centres around Australia.

Services include:
— Endpoint device configuration (simple or advanced)
— Server and storage builds and firmware updates
— Networking, switch and router configuration
— Asset tagging and management

Third Party Logistics & Warehousing

Working with the best logistics providers across Australia, we make sure your technology infrastructure is handled with simple efficiency. Integrating seamlessly with our service solutions, less movement means less risk of handling errors, lower costs and faster delivery for installation.

Services include:
— Logistics and reverse logistics
— Warehousing throughout Australia
— Records and schedule management
— Spares management

End of Life

Give your electronic equipment a sustainable end of life plan with Best Technology Services. This could include finding a new use within your client’s organisation, remarketing devices to get a return on investment, or environmentally sensitive disposal.

Services include:
— Data sanitisation to DOD standards
— Return to lessor
— Remarketing or repurposing
— Recycling

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