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The Launch of BestCare (Field Service Re-imagined)

John McVicker

As the world started to embrace Cloud-computing and “everything-as-a-service”, there was one aspect of the technology value-chain that remained steadfast – field-service hung onto (and in many instances still does) a commercial and operating model that failed to keep pace with the market.

Best is pleased to announce the launch of BestCare. Specifically designed to meet the needs of today’s Channel Partners, BestCare provides a suite of tools that gives Partners the ability to predictably deliver exceptional customer experience, grow revenues and margins, and further strengthen their existing customer relationships. 

Delivered and billed in a manner that gives maximum control, visibility and value to Partners, BestCare is to field service what Amazon was when it entered the cloud computing marketplace – a revolution that’s been waiting to happen.

Curious about how BestCare can help you revolutionise your onsite service? Contact us today and we’ll take you through how BestCare is fast becoming the standard for new-world field service.

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