Best Technology Services guaranteed outcomes delivered for HP.


HP was selected by a major retail bank to replace 2000 printers and remove and recycle 5100 devices in 748 branches in only 45 days, all with the guarantee of no disruption to customers and access only during opening hours.


Rather than using different companies for the staging, delivery, installation and removal of devices, HP chose Best Technology Services to scope and deliver the entire project, knowing our guaranteed service outcomes and fixed price per device would provide certainty for this large scale project.

Best Technology Services configured the project so thoroughly that only one HP project manager was needed for the entire programme, while we managed everything on HP’s behalf.


Best Technology Services 14 metropolitan and regional staging centres and logistics hubs were critical to the project’s success.

For the first round of staging and deliveries, devices were distributed in their original packaging without the need for sensitive transport, giving immediate and significant savings in time and transport costs.

Staging was completed at the centres, with a Best Technology Services engineer meeting the truck or travelling with the driver for co-ordinated arrival at each branch. Both engineer and driver completed de-installation and installation of devices as one movement, with no more than three hours at each site.

Not only was this integrated solution the most efficient way to complete the project on time at a fixed price per device, HP’s client experienced no service disruption throughout the deployment.

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